How to measure a nut, to find a replacement

I'm often asked how to go about replacing a guitar nut.
If you are buying a pre-cut replacement nut, it is critical to get the correct size nut!
Here are the measurements you need to make to find the proper replacement.

1. Measure the overall length of your existing nut. Be as accurate as you can by using a ruler, caliper, or tape measure. Record this dimension.

2. Measure the overall width of your existing nut. Again, be as accurate as you can. Record this dimension.

3. Measure the E to E spacing of your existing nut, from the center of the low E slot, to the center of the high E slot. Be as accurate as possible. Record this dimension.

4. Measure the overall height of your existing nut, from the bottome to the highest point. Once more, be as accurate as possible. Record this dimension.

5. Use the String Spacing Dimensions (the E to E measurement) to find the closest match to a replacement nut.
You want the String Spacing to be as close to your existing nut without going over (slightly smaller will work).
All other dimensions may be slightly oversized, as the new nut can be sanded down for proper lenght, width, and height...